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"United Airlines now in invites our Gold, Silver, Platinum, Sapphire, Ruby, Quartz, Topaz, Feldspar, Zircon, Cubic Zirconium, Granite, Chalk, Gneiss, Pumice, Ancient Horseshoe Crab Fossil, Naugahyde, AstroTurf, Squand, and Nickelodeon Floam passengers to board at this time."

sometimes, things change really freaking fast and with virtually no indication. then sometimes you try to fix that thing and you end up making it worse. sometimes it’s not even your fault. sometimes you just need a little time to fix things. sometimes… time isn’t what you need. sometimes it just doesn’t ever feel fixed.


Panorama Photos Gone Wrong [via]

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holy shit

look at this

I don’t even know where to begin.





  1. Pokemon Red
  2. Pokemon Blue
  3. Pokemon Gold
  4. Pokemon Silver
  5. Pokemon Bronze
  6. Pokemon Red Fire
  7. Pokemon Grass Green
  8. Pokemon Ruby Tuesday
  9. Pokemon Safe Fire
  10. Pokemon A B C
  11. Pokemon X Y Z
  12. Pokemon Now I know my A B C’s
  13. Pokemon Dungeon Dice Monsters
  14. Pokemon The Last Airbender
  15. Pokemon of the Galaxy
  16. Pokemon Horror Story: Asylum
  17. Pokemon Horror Story: Coven
  18. Pokemon Horror Story: ….Coven 2
  19. Pokemon Ping Pong
  20. Pokemon Party 
  21. Pokemon Party 8
  22. PokeKart: Double Dash
  23. Pokemon Crunch Wrap Supreme 
  24. Pokemon Cross Dress
  25. Pokemon Fingerblast
  26. Pokemon Facebook Edition
  27. Pokemon Who?
  28. Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest

LEAFGREEN not Grass Green

yes thank you. THAT’S the one game i needed to be corrected on.


Historic Glass-Plate Photos From Romania Restored And Turned Into Colorful Art

The recoloring of old black-and-white photos is an excellent way for modern audiences to re-visit, understand and associate with history. Jane Long, a photographer based in Australia, has taken a collection of old glass-plate images by Romanian photographer Costica Acsinte (or Axinte, depending on who you ask) and updating them by adding color and a bit of Photoshop magic.

Acsinte, who died in 1984, was a Romanian war photographer during WWI who also took photos professionally and personally after the war. In 2013, what was left of his damaged vintage glass-plate photos was digitized by the Costica Acsinte Archive to preserve it, and it is this collection that Long drew on to create her wonderful photo series.

Via boredpanda


Residents of Pisa are getting tired of the tourists. [video]


Ever wondered what Facebook, Twitter and Google used to look like?